We give...

We do not give...

  • As a joyful response to God who has graciously given us all things in Christ. 
  • As an investment of our temporal resources in something of eternal significance.
  • As a means God uses to shape our hearts to love the the things he loves.
  • As a way of loving our neighbor by providing for the church's work of ministering the good news of Jesus.
  • To "make up" for our sin- Jesus is the only sacrifice for sin
  • To gain God's favor or approval- that can be found only in being united to Christ by faith.
  • To manipulate God into giving us earthly prosperity or comfort
  • To check a box and feel good about our own self-righteousness.

How to Give


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You can download our app and give directly from your phone anytime.


Drop your gift in the box on our Welcome Table at our  Sunday Gathering.


To discuss other giving options or for support, please email or call (877) 678-7323.

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