Serve With Us

Church is not an event we attend- it is life together as a family. That means everyone has a part to play. Everyone is both needed and in need of what everyone else brings to the table. We would love to help you find a place to use your gifts, skills, and capacity to help build up the family.

Meet the teams.

Covenant Grace Logistics

Lead: Grant Traylor
This team serves our church and others by transporting the church's equipment, setting up for our gatherings, resetting the space when we are done, and providing any other logistical support the church requires.

Covenant Grace Kids

0-3yr: Kim Crandall
4-6yr: Jordan Traylor
This team serves are church by loving our kids and grounding them in the Christian faith during our Sunday gathering.

Covenant Grace Hospitality

Lead: David Beale
This team serves the church by welcoming us into our Sunday gathering, helping our guests get oriented and comfortable, and by serving communion at our gatherings.

Covenant Grace Music

Lead: Patrick Adams
This team serves the church by leading us in signing and providing audio and visual support for our services